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All Micaware available in Terracotta or White

mom-6.jpg (590359 bytes)

Mica (sparkle) non-glazed pottery

Shown Above:

Soap Fish Dishes: $18.00

Candlestick Holders: $10.00

Votive Candle Holder: $8.00

Dried Flower Sconce (with heart cutout for picture):

Prices do not include dried flowers.

Large, $15.00   Medium, $12.00

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Glazed White Earthenware

  Sushi Platter with Buffalo and Moon Design, $18.00

Soap Fish Dishes, $18.00

Mica Votive $8.00

Mica Flower Sconce, Medium $12.00, Large $15.00 (priced w/o flowers)

Also Available in Mica - non-glazed with flower pattern.

ornaments.jpg (397061 bytes)

Mica-ware designs are available in terracotta as shown above.

These plates are porous and not suitable for wet or greasy foods

Ornaments:   Peace Doves (also avail. in white), $2.50/each

Chili Ornaments, (glazed red, green or orange), $3.00 each

(chilies also available unglazed terracotta, $2.00 each)

White Cup.JPG (387876 bytes)White Teapot.JPG (393845 bytes)

Examples of earthenwear

white pieces.